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Priyanka w Filmfare October 2010

Which has been your most romantic moment?
Oh I’ve had lots! I’ve been lucky. There have been people in my life who’ve made me feel tremendously special. For me it’s about  pre-empting things, like understanding that I’m upset and taking me out for an ice-cream. Such small things matter to me. I can deal with big issues but just someone holding my hand and making me feel that he can take care of me is the most romantic thing in the world.

How would you like to be wooed?
Umm… I love being wooed. It’s the best part. I like to be pursued because I really give a chase. I like the guy to be relentless. He shouldn’t give up and at the same time he shouldn’t be a doormat. I have to be able to respect him, right? He has to be original; it can’t be the same old flowers-champagne-cake affair. Very boring!(Laughs) If someone comes to me with something that boring, I’ll have to show him the door.

Your guy will have a tough time…
These are my ideas. God knows if I am gonna get all this or not. But if you aim for the moon, even if you fall short, you’ll fall on the stars, right?

What is the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done?
Well, it’s too naughty to be mentioned and printed in the magazine.

What is the sexiest thing about you?
Just the way I carry myself. I don’t think I’m sexy; it’s all an act. (Grins)

Has anyone proposed to you?
I’ve been proposed to but never for marriage.

If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?
My hypersensitivity. Also, I get attached to people very soon and then I get affected also very easily. That’s something I’d want to change. On second thoughts, I’d rather get hurt than feel nothing at all.

Are you a better actress on screen or off it?
On screen definitely! Off screen I get caught instantly. If I lie to my mother telling her that I am going off to bed, when I’m actually going for a drive or for coffee, she catches me instantly. I get caught while lying to people close to me.

Przepraszam, że po angielsku, ale nie mam teraz czasu przetłumaczyć, niebawem jednak przetłumaczę.

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